Explore our vendor community.

Our shop owners have worked so hard to promote themselves with social media and websites. This page lists all our amazing shop owners and some have also opted to add their social media and website links. This helps our amazing customers find them easily and provides easy access to their merchandise. We have such a big variety of talented people all under one roof!


Picture of Stacey Thompson

Stacey Thompson

"I opened my small business in Bluebelle just two years ago. I have enjoyed the experience so much! I love the staff so much, they are always supportive and so helpful. Being a vendor at Bluebelle has allowed me to grow my business more than I could have ever imagined. If you're thinking about bringing your small business to Bluebelle, my advice to you is go for it, you won't regret it."

Picture of Stormy Ewing

Stormy Ewing

"After many years of dreaming of opening my own boutique and becoming a small business owner, in 2020 I decided to go for it! I have always had a passion for trendy styles and fun bold colors and prints. I love finding accessories and apparel to match the mood! I plan to only move forward with bigger and better ideas and keep on thriving!"

Picture of Savanna Vasquez

Savanna Vasquez

"Starting out as a new business, Bluebelle provided me with opportunities to not only earn money, but gain a customer base, network with other vendors and customers alike, and reach a larger audience than I had previously using social media alone. The community and staff of Bluebelle are so encouraging to the vendors. We have meet ups to discuss how to set and reach goals for our businesses, and workshops to learn new ways to boost our social media game, or how to take awesome stock photos. Becoming a vendor has taught me a lot about being a small business owner and it has definitely elevated my business overall."

Picture of Kristen Grey

Kristen Grey

"I have been a vendor at Bluebelle for two years now, and I am so grateful for the outpouring of support from the community! I love getting the chance to connect with shoppers at the outdoor markets, and look forward to what is ahead!"